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Integrated Software Solutions to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Integrated Software Solutions to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

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Considering the importance of customer acquisition and retention in business, it is critically important to use software to solve related issues. Understanding customers and tailoring products and services to fit their requirements is critical to financial advantages and growth. There is a huge array of business software designed to help meet those goals, but there’s possibility that sometimes deploying these tools can create just the opposite results.

Companies need technology that covers multiple software solutions to fulfill immediate needs. They need to manage accounting, financial management, inventory, orders and fulfillment through single solution. Some of the companies like E-Commerce, also need online shopping functionality. Furthermore, most of the growing companies today need a CRM system to manage their leads and prospects. All these different requirements in a company are bound to create chaos with unconnected systems and there’s a huge possibility of duplicate information, increased costs and errors. Due to the harmful impact of the the non-integrated system, it becomes tough for a salesperson to know when an order processes or about any customer getting delivery or paying an invoice. All this creates missed opportunities to communicate with customer, upsell or even build deeper customer relationships.

Choose right integrated system that is flexible, scalable and compatible with your business to support it to grow and gain following benefits.

Grow Customer Satisfaction

Integrating business systems that gives centralize accounting, CRM, order management and business processes give your people all things customer related. Having access to similar customer information and transaction helps in handling customer inquiries, get upselling opportunities and overdue invoices to establish long-term relationships. All available information lets sales & marketing and inventory managers to understand customer behavior, plan promotions and improve accuracy of their forecasting.

Streamline and Intensify Business Processes

Isolated systems yield a great deal of administrative work for a business in form of accommodating orders with payments, ensuring whether products are available in warehouse or updating customer transaction details from one system to another. All these manual processes take up a lot of time that could well be spent on more important tasks with improved tasks. All these processes become accurate and lead to high productivity and quick progress when all systems are integrated.

Benefit from More Reliable IT

Since separate systems require separate updates and maintenance to ensure they can interact well when cobbed together, you need to have experienced engineers to understand the complex structure and work across different products. The integrated system involves less administrative support for licensing and end-of-life issues along with having a central database to keep orders, CRM, financial and ecommerce information.

Set Up New Operations

A globally integrated system ensures new or expanding locations can be brought on stream. Due to the unified order and data, the business can form new sales channels and integrate them easily into reporting and forecasting functions. Instant visibility into performance also enables you to assess and respond quickly to dynamic customer demand.

Knowledge is the real power, especially when it comes to knowing your customers. But if knowledge is scattered in different systems, you’re constraining the power of your business to attract and serve more customers, enhance profit and expand strategically. NetSuite Expert offers an integrated business software suite that aligns your CRM, accounting, inventory and ecommerce systems helps recognize the power and potential of your employees as well as of your company.

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