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How to Compare and Contrast Cloud Computing Services

How to Compare and Contrast Cloud Computing Services

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If you’re looking forward to start running your business in the cloud, you’d come across a number of companies capturing your attention. However, choosing a service provider, who can fit your standards is a critical business decision.

True Cloud Competencies

Provided the everyday emerging companies in the industry, the primary step is to pick a provider whose core competencies are centralized onto the cloud. On-premise system vendors possess different skill-sets than the cloud service providers. You are most probably going to have a more successful experience with a cloud-based system, from a provider who’s totally focused on making his cloud solution a success based on his extensive past experience in implementing and tailoring a multi-tenant cloud based system.

System Upgrades and Enhancements

Although on-site ERP software is customizable, but those customizations are tied to your present software deployment. With a new release of the product, previously implemented customization will wipe away and you’ll have to start customization from the scratch. This is the primary reason many companies just avoid upgrading their on-site ERP software and settle for currently running outdated technology. On the other hand, cloud ERP solution such as NetSuite constantly upgrade the older version to give you best technology.

Leadership and Financial Viability

Since moving to the cloud is a long time investment, it’s important to choose a cloud the service provider, who along with meeting present demands will also demonstrate market leadership and financial viability needed to meet future demands as well. Make sure to evaluate vendor’s financial information for annual revenue & growth, profitability and ability to go through inevitable market cycles. Moreover, it is smart and simple to pick a leader for the type of business management solution you require. You can make a choice based on the revenue, customers and other aspects of different NetSuite solution providers.


You can measure the commitment level of a cloud provider along with its security and plan to respond through Service level agreements (SLAs). Under these agreements, make sure you get easy access to real-time and historic uptime performance data.

Scalability and Customization

As businesses increases and needs change, you require a partner with power to grow with your company, change to your needs, supply new products for you to grow in to, make it easy for you to expand new sales channels and markets and work across several browsers, devices, and countries.

The best provider like NetSuite Expert has a solution that allows you to effortlessly customize applications and interfaces to your needs and to scale with you. We offer a flexible cloud development platform that’s open to a wide application development community. This will allow your business to easily purchase other existing applications that can easily integrate with cloud computing service without investing in additional infrastructure. As an ideal partner, we possess cloud maturity, performance, expertise and security traits to fulfill your needs completely.

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