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How is NetSuite SuiteCommerce helpful in Website SEO & Promotion?

How is NetSuite SuiteCommerce helpful in Website SEO & Promotion?

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It takes considerable amount of time of online retailers to get a perfect E-Commerce website developed. It is an important aspect to get the website optimized for search engines, so that potential customers can reach you without struggle. Since SEO is the key to make your customers reach your E-Commerce site, you have to have the right SEO strategy for your business promotions to gain direct shoppers. NetSuite SuiteCommerce is one of the sure-shot solutions to get yourself helped in this regard. It comprises an in-built online marketing functionality to drive traffic to your site and transform it into company’s revenue. It also helps in closing abandoned shopping carts and develop deeper business relationships with existing customers. With its marketing ability, you can perform instant promotions through various modes and target separate groups to increase sales by repeating business with them. Apart from marketing, some other promotional benefits of SuiteCommerce are mentioned as below:

SEO: Using SuiteCommerce, you can get high search engine rankings for static HTML as well as dynamic web pages. Using customizable title, image-alt tags, meta along with short SE (search-engine) friendly URLs for dynamic pages, it allows you to create search-engine-friendly web pages. NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced also creates permanent (301) redirects to help you preserve current search rankings.

Personalized Marketing: You get to have a single customer database that helps you in segmenting customers for creating personalized campaigns and promotions on the grounds of their behavior and purchase statistics. You can also offer coupons through email to attract customers, who abandoned a shopping cart full of items.

Enhance Cross-selling & Upselling: Using SuiteCommerce Advanced, you can display suggestions based on the items purchased by customers. In-build report query tools can assist in targeting customers based on their marketing activities and past purchases.

Along with features of email marketing, paid search and social media impact, above advantages of NetSuite SuiteCommerce, you can keep up with the ever-changing SEO landscape and transform you E-Commerce business. At NetSuite Expert, we have been consistently meeting rapidly increasing customer expectations by the ERP solution. Connect quickly with our ERP experts to have an effective business solution at the earliest.

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