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Get NetSuite Ecommerce to Manage B2B and B2C Operations from a Single Source 

Get NetSuite Ecommerce to Manage B2B and B2C Operations from a Single Source 

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NetSuite SuiteCommerce ecommerce solution helps B2B and B2C traders convey connecting with and applicable web-based encounters. Drive more traffic to your web stores, convert customers into clients and increment online income with a versatile upgraded, include rich cloud web based business stage that is not difficult to oversee and improve. SuiteCommerce unifies ecommerce with your core NetSuite operational business systems, giving a single view or perspective on client, request, stock and other basic information and empowering continuous perceivability across your business while controlling individual and important cross-channel encounters.




Why Ecommerce with NetSuite?


Complete Commerce Solution

Ecommerce with NetSuite helps in eliminating disparate systems integrations with natively unified ecommerce, POS, inventory and order management, marketing, customer service and financials. Acquire a phenomenal degree of ongoing perceivability by combining divided information sources into a solitary vault intended to control educated, opportune business choices.


B2C and B2B Ecommerce on a Single Platform

It can be tedious and tiresome to manage your B2C and B2B ecommerce sites separately. With NetSuite, you can deliver the relevant, engaging experiences consumers demand while offering your B2B customers a B2C- like experience that surpasses assumptions, on destinations intended to meet the extraordinary prerequisites of business purchasers.


Easy Deployment, Updates and Extensibility 

With NetSuite Ecommerce, it is possible to launch your ecommerce site in 30 days. There are new, inventive features and automatic updates with every release to make sure that your site or e-store is always on the latest commerce technology.


B2B Ecommerce  

Business administrators can create sites that connect with business purchasers, boost their buying endeavors and save them time while giving the same instinctive, data rich shopping experience as a B2C site. Offer purchasers the capacity to deal with all parts of their business relationship, including on the web statement demands, view account adjusts and make online receipt payments.



NetSuite Ecommerce Platform lets businesses choose from a range of prebuilt, mobile-optimized themes to provide the site design that best reflects your brand and customer services. Make it simple for customers to find, find out about and purchase your items with a large group of elements, including alternative pictures, item correlations, saved shopping baskets and production of records.


  • Powerful site search
  • Faceted navigation to help shoppers locate the products quickly and easily.
  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • Most relevant upsells, cross-sells and related items for each shopper.



NetSuite Ecommerce offers inventively engineered tools to easily purchase online, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities. You can make the most of this application to connect the supply side with the buy side through integration with vendors, distributors and manufacturing entities. Interestingly, all this can be done and executed well within the NetSuite platform. Additionally, online orders are automatically converted to invoices with workflow management of approval, fulfillment, and billing.


With SuiteCommerce, you can: 


  • Allow buyers to request a quote, check the status, and convert the quote to an online sales order after company representative approves it.
  • Allow your customers to easily reorder items from past purchases. They can even see suggestions and have a consistent shopping experience.
  • Create curated online catalogs tailored to various sections of customers in view of elements like geographic district, past exchange history or record type and status.



Automate and expedite your billing process by empowering purchasers to audit and oversee installments on the web. Give business accounts their own arranged costs, terms and credit cutoff points, and proposition installment techniques like invoice billing and ACH processing. Customers can view invoices and make full or partial payments against single or multiple invoices.


Account Management and Support 

Assist business purchasers with being more effective by giving direct admittance to audit account adjusts, stores and credit reminders. Empower self-administration returns the board so customers can start a web-based bring approval back. Further develop commitment and client fulfillment by empowering clients to submit questions straightforwardly to your help work area. Give clients complete admittance to their request narratives and permit them to reorder things from past buys without any problem.


Cart and Checkout

A persistent cart and streamlined checkout allow customers to finish their orders easily as a visitor or enrolled client. Offer clients Visa, limited time code and gift voucher installment choices. The whole shopping experience is secure, with HTTPS support, incorporation with normal installment doors for constant Mastercard handling with PCI DSS compliance and multilevel fraud protection.


B2C Ecommerce 

Deliver the engaging and personalized shopping encounters buyers anticipate on any gadget. Make it simple for customers to find, find out about and purchase your items and administrations with a large group of elements, including picture displays, item examinations, faceted route, high level site search, social sharing and evaluations and surveys.


Customer Account 

Empower customers to make records to save data and inclinations and deal with their location books and installment strategies. Clients can see their request narratives, make item lists of things to get, submit returns and immediately reorder recently bought things.


Site Management 

Drag-and-drop site management tools allow non-technical users to edit pages and manage content. Now, business users have the ability to refresh the look and feel of their destinations without the assistance of a designer. Work nearby changes and afterward plan when changes are to go live, or distribute them right away. All corrections are followed and auditable.


Cart and Checkout

A persistent cart and streamlined checkout process allow shoppers to complete their orders with ease as guests or registered users. Offer clients credit card, promotional code and gift voucher payment choices. The whole shopping experience is secure, with HTTPS support, incorporation with normal installment passages for constant charge card handling with PCI DSS consistence and staggered extortion insurance.


Reporting and Analytics 

This inventive solution helps steer sales and maximize website performance with ecommerce dashboards, predefined reports and key performance indicators. NetSuite Ecommerce Integration is another extensive capability that allows you to monitor in real-time every aspect of your website, including online traffic, lead generation, page load times, web orders, average items per order, top mentioned list of things to get things and back-in-stock solicitations. Acquire bits of knowledge into individual customer action like date of last visit, securing source, things perused and truck augmentations to use in deals and marketing activities.


NetSuite Shopify Integration 

With an exclusive and inventive Shopify NetSuite Integration, one can exports items from NetSuite to Shopify or vice-versa. This makes easier for customers to update or create their product catalog on Shopify and help them have an engaging shopping experience.


  • Businesses can export levels of inventory to Shopify. These levels of inventory in Shopify are consistently and continuously updated with the current levels of inventory in NetSuite. It ensures that orders placed can be fulfilled within the stipulated time.
  • NetSuite and Shopify Integration assists in updating item prices in Shopify consistently and continuously with item rates from NetSuite.
  • Business administrators can easily import all orders placed in Shopify into NetSuite. In case, a matching one is not found, a new customer is automatically created in NetSuite.
  • As orders in NetSuite are fulfilled, the transactions of this fulfillment are automatically exported to Shopify. It delivers full visibility to the customer right into the current status of available orders and help them make well-informed decisions.
  • To check NetSuite Ecommerce vs. Shopify in terms of capabilities and if you want to choose any one application, you can connect with an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider Partner and make a judicious business investment.


NetSuite Ecommerce Benefits


  • Mobility on Device— Our mobile-optimized, responsive design permits you to make content once and automatically adjust site screen sizes and abilities for various gadgets.
  • Easy Site Management Your Site— Drag-and-drop site management tools enable business clients to send off new advancements, make landing pages or release new content.
  • Reduced Ownership Cost —A single, integrated platform reduces your overall technology investment and service costs versus cobbled together point solutions.
  • Business Agility—Our cloud-based platform provides the flexibility and adaptability you need to keep pace with business, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and eliminate the hassles of managing hardware and software.

To make the most of NetSuite Ecommerce, connecting with an acclaimed and experienced NetSuite Solution Provider can do great help. At NetSuiteExpert, you can connect with our highly skilled and adept NetSuite Consultants to scale up your ecommerce operations and lead the competitive edge.

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