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Get More Than A Store for Your Ecommerce Website

Get More Than A Store for Your Ecommerce Website

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Opening an online store brings an exciting opportunity, for who knows where it will take your business? Moving towards new customers and entering international marketplaces are all within reach, but with the right approach. Most of the companies consider just the front end of an online store, which is not in reality the complete truth. A lot of focus and energy goes into creating product catalog with great images, product descriptions and reviews along with other possible helpful information. In today’s ecommerce sites, site search, social media and faceted navigation elements have become very common. Sites also have a shopping cart and checkout process to capture the sales.

Most of the ecommerce software that power these sites stop at this point. Further, it’s up to you to figure out what you need to enhance the functionality of the website with other compatible solutions. Or your ecommerce platform should be providing you much more for supporting a successful online business.

Order and Inventory Management

Surpass customers’ expectations to buy, fulfill and return from anywhere while maximizing profitability.

Order management

  • With order management function, manage orders from multiple channels can all be managed in one place. You can also automate the end-to-end lifecycle of orders to fulfill your commitments that cover order capture, validation, order fulfillment, shipment confirmation and customer communication with complete settlement.

  • With inventory management function, you can have complete inventory visibility across all channels that results in efficient fulfillment since you are prevented from selling products that aren’t available at the moment.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement consistently provides personalized cross-channel experiences, targeting marketing and superior customer service through single customer view across all touch points.

  • In commerce marketing, you get data in all form like orders, carts and product details to develop automated and personalized post-purchase campaigns, loyalty programs, abandoned cart campaigns and cross-selling offers.

  • For shopping through mobile device, you get help with responsive web design that allows you to build device-optimized, shopping experience at one platform that display beautifully across all devices including smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets without caring for maintaining multiple sites.


Support sections holds place for continuous customer engagement post sales for common queries like:

  • Returns section enables self-service returns to let shoppers initiate an online return authorization.

  • Case management enables customers to submit queries directly to your support desk.

  • Orders section provides full access into order history and tracking links.

Growth and Expansion

An ecommerce platform must have scope for growth and expansion with your company, so make sure your ecommerce system lets you support below listed aspects and doesn’t ask you to add another ecommerce system for every new added brand.

  • Make sure to get help from multiple business models like B2B and B2C over same platform.

  • Whether you go for global market anytime soon or not, but your platform should support multiple countries, languages, currencies and tax rates.


Cloud vs on-premise software is a choice dictating capital and operating budgets that determines an organization’s growth abilities. Having an ecommerce software hosted in the cloud; you can get over internal IT investments and focus on satisfying customers.

Ecommerce Site is Much More than Just Shopping

If you have ecommerce solution that just provides a catalog along with a purchase functionality, it means it mostly relies on integrations with multiple solutions. You need to get NetSuite Expert’s assistance to get a unified ecommerce site that supports your backend business systems including order & inventory management, financials, marketing and CRM to get streamlined operations and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction.

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