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Five Signs to Know Your Business is ERP Ready

Five Signs to Know Your Business is ERP Ready

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Your business is suffering due to inability to reconcile month end financials. Since your sales forecasts are based on guesses, your business faces troubles in keeping up with high order volume, which leads to customer dissatisfaction. You have no idea of inventory present in your warehouse and it is painful to find out. If all this happens with your business – then it’s time to consider an ERP system.

As every company is unique in some way, you won’t find an indicator that says, “You need an ERP now!” But, if your company faces similar issues like companies with ERP, you know you need to have the ERP software. Go through following section to discover top five signs that your company is ready for the ERP.

1 You Use Lots of Different Software for Different Processes

Take time out and think about how your employees record, track and process information. Do the accounting members use one system and sales use another system to perform inter-related functions? Is every process of taking orders and getting them fulfilled is highly time-consuming? Do your warehouse employees use entirely different solution to keep track of shipping and receiving?

When multiple front and back-end systems run separately, it can create disturbance among processes that are responsible to make your company run smooth. Unavailability of accurate sales data can make the inventory management suffer. Similarly, inability to have latest information from accounting can cause adverse effect on everything like marketing budgets to payroll. ERP software completely integrates these scattered systems so that every business function can rely on a single database. ERP solution helps professionals make better decisions, for they get time to work on high-value processes to let the business grow faster.

2 You Don’t Have Easy Access to Information About Your Business

How long would it take you to have access to your data like average sales margin, orders per day or till date? For companies that rely on siloed systems and spreadsheets, need to be constantly updated and have to wait long to access information manually.

Present day business pace is faster than ever, which means your employees need immediate access to key data. An ERP solution such as NetSuite can let your staff get information they need to perform different activities. Your sales representatives are now able to view customers’ complete transaction history and improve the renewal rates while enhancing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

3 Accounting Takes Longer and Is More Difficult

Your accounting system must be very fluent. If your employees rely on paper-based invoices and sales order and spend hours to maintain these sheets weekly, you need to evaluate the wasted time and instantly consider an ERP software. Similar is the case with financial reporting; if it takes long to reconcile financial information across multiple systems, ERP solution can make a significant impact. Now your accounting staff will turn more productive to deliver critical reports without delays and frustration.

4 Sales and the Customer Experience Suffer

With growing company, inventory management is among biggest challenges. It is a vital part of business operations to ensure that the appropriate amount of products is in the right location at the right time. Separately managed sales orders, inventory and customer data can create serious problems across your company. If a customer calls to inquire about an order, your employees are unable to track if it’s been shipped, which leads to poor reputation. With an ERP system, your staff can have access to the minutest information. They can answer every question that customer has and can live up to their expectations regarding order, shipping status, service issues, etc. At NetSuite Expert, you can get best NetSuite India services and recognize your best business potential.

5 Your IT Is Too Complex and Time-Consuming

Multiple systems in a business can become a nightmare for an organization. Customizing all these with upgrades can be complex as well as costly. So, rather than going for siloed systems, technology should be used to get agility to respond to changing business requirements. Getting right solutions in form of NetSuite ERP India, system upgrades are not an issues anymore, as new functions can be easily added with growing changes.

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