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Elbrus Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

Elbrus Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Elbrus Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

Elbrus contains numerous items of new functionality, improvements to existing functionality, new customization options, improved extensibility, and even some wholesale refactoring. I think this release has a bit of something for everyone, so let’s take a look at just some of the things I think you’ll like.

  • Custom Field Support
  • Facets as URL Parameters
  • Handlebars.js Helper Additions
  • Internet Explorer 8 No Longer Supported
  • Mastercard 2-Series BIN Range Support
  • Multi-Image Option Enhancements
  • Pickup In Store
  • Product Details Page Architecture Changes
  • Quantity Pricing
  • Quick Order
  • Script Debugger Change for Field Set Setup Script
  • Single Secure Domain for Shopping and Checkout
  • Secure Shopping Domain
  • SuiteCommerce Configuration Updates
  • SuitePromotions

With the Elbrus release of SuiteCommerce Advanced, you can access core and custom field values through the Commerce API, Items API, and SuiteScript. You can configure SuiteCommerce Advanced and customize template files to render information or ask for information stored in these fields on your web store’s Shopping, Checkout, and My Account pages. We will cover details of these enhancements in the next article. With the 2018.1 release of NetSuite’s business management platform, you can find these enhancements.

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