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Comprehensive NetSuite Implementation Methodologies

Comprehensive NetSuite Implementation Methodologies

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NetSuite implementation methodologies for NetSuite ERP,CRM and E-Commerce. NetSuite system uses an agile implementation. Once you establish business rules, deployment is extremely swift. For getting an efficient and smooth implementation process, use all supporting materials of implementation. It includes system initialization, general ledger accounts setup and data migration.

Implementation process of NetSuite system: –

Handover from Evaluation Phase:- In the evaluation phase, firstly describe the business processes and functional requirements. Also describe the structure of the company and responsibilities. Develop the time Schedule and measure the amount of data that must be migrated.

Process Analysis and Design:-In which phase, analysis all those processes that are defined in the evaluation phase such as sales process, purchasing process, inventory management and much more. Also create the project plan and assign tasks.

Execution:-In execution phase, perform the installation according to the installation guide. Data migration or import, delivery of template, user defined fields, etc. execute by the developers.

Acceptance Testing and Approval:-After the execution, developers test the NetSuite system. Before going live: Review go-live checklist, create opening balance and create custom user manuals. And then go live.

Training:- Training is mandatory for all users, in which developers will give training on NetSuite System. How to use it? How to access the software? How to access data and information on cloud?

Post Live Support:-In this phase, perform a month or quarter end closing to review reporting and system correctness.

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