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BigCommerce To NetSuite Integration: Questions To Ask With Your Consulting Partner

BigCommerce To NetSuite Integration: Questions To Ask With Your Consulting Partner

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NetSuite BigCommerce integration has become a vital need for growing organizations. Often e-commerce owners face complications while choosing the right integration partner among the several once. Here is a complete series of questions that you can ask your solution provider before considering them:

Questions To Ask While Choosing A Right Solution Provider For BigCommerce NetSuite Integration

A wrong solution can drain your time, efforts, and money. Hence, to avoid hiring the wrong solution, you can consider the following questions while performing an evaluation for BigCommerce integration with NetSuite:

Do they have relevant experience in integration with successful rate?

Ask your NetSuite integration services provider whether they have in-depth knowledge and experience of handling and integrating BigCommerce and NetSuite. Have they ever integrated two systems prior and how such integration helped their customers?

Will you integrate my system using direct approach or middle solution?

Do not hesitate while asking your integration provider about how they will integrate your NetSuite And BigCommere? Do they adopt direct approach (point-to-point) or middleware solution? These two different approaches will affect your integration in a different manner. So, make sure that they are going with middleware approach because it will render you dynamic solution that will allow to add and remove the system later what cannot be possible with point-to-point solution.

Will you build a custom integration solution for me?

As per time, your requirement changes and this requires a custom NetSuite integration solution. So, make sure that your potential provider is building a custom solution that helps you to fulfill your changing business needs today and tomorrow.

What is your overall experience in building an integration for e-commerce focused businesses?
Do not forget to ask whether your integration provider has sufficient experience in integration for e-commerce and retail organizations. Depending on your unique retailing practices, will they deliver a compatible platform for selling across channels with advanced or customer specific functionalities such as buy online and pick up from instore or buy online and return to in-store?

What kind of data facilitation you will implement?
Ask your integration partner whether they will allow to automate or sync all types of data, reports or metrics. Make sure that you won’t be needed to push button every time just to sync the data. If you are paying hard money to them then, make sure that they are not limiting your solution focused to orders and inventory only. Ask them to include customers, products, shipping & tracking the sales data.

What level of support they will offer post-implementation?
Will they take care or monitor your integration just to ensure that your data is not compromising at any level and each transaction is flowing precisely and correctly. Also, make sure that they will reach you for instant support whenever your system gets interrupted.

Do they take responsibility of maintaining your integration over time?
Does your integration provider take responsibility to maintain your integration system over time? Ask them whether they will regularly check and fix software bugs and perform regular updates, and security & product enhancements etc. It is important to ask who is going to take care of your integration and how the integrated system gets updated.

It takes lots of efforts and time while you research different BigCommerce NetSuite integration vendors. Choosing the right partner for NetSuite integration services is truly a big task that totally depends on your budget, operational complexity, and supporting growth factors.
So, if you think that your business is ready for NetSuite BigCommere integration then, start with NetSuite Expert. We perform seamless integration that automates your data between the integrated systems.

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