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Bid Farewell to Staffing Challenges with NetSuite PSA

Bid Farewell to Staffing Challenges with NetSuite PSA

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Staffing projects is a complex business practice that often challenges even the most well-prepared projects in services-based organization. Resource managers found it juggling enough to pick the right resource and assign them to a project that matches their complex set of variables and skills. Moreover, it is important to anticipate the changing circumstances in an instant after resource allocation.


For instance, 
Project managers in services firms are supposed to consider resource skill sets while allocating them to any project. They need take care of their interests and experience, hourly rates, and availability to ensure the success of the project and its completion within a stipulated time. In such a case, not assigning the proper resource can result in over- or under-utilizing employee time, which ultimately leads burnt out workforce and reduced business profits.

NetSuite PSA for Resource Management

With the deployment of NetSuite Professional services automation (PSA) solutions, you can make resource management easier and achieve higher profitability than ever. In dubious cases, connecting with an acclaimed NetSuite Implementation Company can let you comprehend the solution closely and make a judicious business investment.

Accredited among certified NetSuite Implementation Consultants, we have leveraged the core capabilities of this inventive solution and helped business overcome challenges around resource management.

Key Project Staffing Challenges that NetSuite PSA Can Solve

Many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets or disparate systems to manage staffing. Despite the impact a NetSuite PSA solution can have on the bottom line, services firms struggle with the following challenges.

  • Reactive Resourcing

The most crucial task in service-based business organization is to assign the right resource to the right job. This is essentially important for project staffing. In case, project managers can’t easily determine the availability of the eligible resources for the task, they risk misaligning bookings and running inefficient projects. 

Here, connecting with acclaimed NetSuite ERP Implementation Partners can let you explore NetSuite PSA as per your business requirements and drive inventive capabilities to assign resources to an implementation project. This will help you avoid delays in project work, potential hourly rate changes, and unhappy customers.

  • Inadequate Collaboration

To optimize resource management, it is important to maintain accurate, widely available, up-to-date status information.

For example, if project managers verbally give the statuses instead of delivering the capability of automatic tracking, it can skew the project scope or lead to a resource working extra hours. Additionally, it invites needless administrative work for a project manager, too.

Suppose, one phase of the project completes ahead of the deadline and there is a resource handoff without the proper update. In such a case, it can affect the transition of resources.

With spreadsheets and disparate systems, it can consume unnecessary time to track down accurate status figures. NetSuite PSA assists in improving collaboration by offering an integrated system and handling projects through systematic processes. It comes with a centralized data source where all stakeholders can view status updates and resources can receive automated alerts as well.  

  • Improper Utilization

Manual processes of project management and staffing often involves the risk of overusing or underusing a resource. This is because every resource is identical and holds distinctive set of skills. These imbalances, in some cases, can impact a business operation quite adversely. Lack of real-time monitoring by the project managers around the load the resources are taking on can threaten the success of the project.

For instance, a resource working beyond the hours agreed upon in the contract because the project has been poorly planned turns into non-billable working hours that eat into business benefits.

Additionally, bench management is a constant struggle for many services-based organizations. Resources are often the most expensive part of any project. Here, leveraging the elemental capabilities of NetSuite PSA under the aegis of NetSuite Implementation Partners can help you work on revenue generating activities. It renders the right automation and monitoring tools to help service businesses keep resources working for billable hours.

  • Restricted Visibility

Analyzing project performance can help project and resource managers improve resource utilization and their management. This starts with the initiation of the project, when managers need to see resource skill profiles and bookings, and continues throughout the project. Here, these managers calculate profit margins and utilization rates to ensure success of the project. NetSuite PSA offers inventive capabilities to optimize staffing and make the most of the utilization reports. It renders forecasting to anticipate performance of the activities performed and check if they are missing the key attributes their business needs.

NetSuite PSA comes with exclusive capabilities to help services firms improve project staffing and make the best use of their resources at a given time. Here, if you choose to deploy such extensive cloud-based software solution by consulting acclaimed and certified NetSuite ERP Implementation Partners, you would definitely reduce risk of improper resource management and drive expertise to ensure successful project staffing.

As an accredited NetSuite Consulting Company, we cater to businesses of all sizes and let them drive innovation around key operations to witness substantial business gains. We believe in steering high operational efficiency within stipulated time and without much hassle.

To overcome staffing challenges with NetSuite PSA, write to us at info@netsuiteexpert.in Or Schedule a Demo

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