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Benefits of An Integrated Business Software System

Benefits of An Integrated Business Software System

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Every high-growth business has to go through tough decisions with best business system to manage its continuously expanding operations. Proper preparation to get an integrated business management software system usually takes a back seat to accomplish short-term revenue enhancing goals. As an outcome, various disparate applications are installed in several functional areas, resulting in business process inefficiencies and challenges in software integrations. Read further to know how did these problems arise and how can they be avoided?

Architecture of Typical Siloed Business Systems

  • A quickly growing company can easily become entangled in a complex application landscape. Starting out companies initially install accounting software like QuickBooks so that they can properly manage their bookkeeping.

  • Seeking to acquire more customers, organizations then put in standalone management systems, along with isolated systems to resolve customer support issues. Issues related to order management, inventory management and fulfillment systems get addressed with same disparate software.

  • In order to increase high revenue, many companies open new offices and embrace additional sales channels for sophisticated processes for ecommerce integration among others that can take form of standalone applications.

Business Challenges Caused by a Siloed Software System

Below is a summary of five main issues that can obstruct your growth if you run a business using disparate business software systems:

  • Wasted Employee Productivity: In a growth mode, every employee of the company must be operating at optimum productivity. Employees that are bogged down due to inefficient and disjointed processes can increase errors.

  • Lacking Real-time Visibility: Non-integrated software systems have multiple overlapping databases that cannot give a view of business performance at a given time. As an outcome of this inability, companies either end up making critical decisions based on the inaccurate information or they make risky decisions without trusting their instinct.

  • Integration Complexity & Cost: Due to so many disparate applications, IT wastes huge time and money on integrating, maintaining, and getting new versions of the applications.

Advantages of Integrated Software Applications

Business software application integration is essential to keep your business grow by offering below advantages:

  • Process Efficiency Across Your Organization: Order management, fulfillment, invoicing, expense approvals, etc. are some processes enhanced in daily operations. As per an ROI study by an independent analyst firm, of customers using NetSuite, world’s leading integrated cloud business suite, it was found that companies accelerated their financial close times by up to 50%, increased inventory turns by 50% and increased sales productivity by 12.5%, among other efficiencies.

  • Improved Visibility: Real-time visibility helps in accessing any information quickly from almost anywhere. Also employees are informed better and can make more accurate and faster decisions.

  • Significant IT Time & Cost Savings: Without the need for IT to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems, operational costs are significantly reduced.

  • User-Driven Innovation: Since process changes can be successfully implemented quickly, everyday business users can apply their functional expertise to have tailor processes that improves performance.

Companies in almost every industry are using sophisticated business management software to improve their growth, but many are still struggling to keep up with their success and manage costs. Integrated business software suites like NetSuite are transforming how companies run, and enable them to transcend growing pains that previously held them back from taking the leap of faith for their business. NetSuite Expert offers end-to-end NetSuite development and integration services to let your business find a strong niche in the industry.

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